The position of the Oncologists:

Below is the document written by the members of the “Scientific Committee” made up of University Professors of Oncology, Pharmacology, Surgery to evaluate the work published by Dr. Biava in International Scientific Journals and to then advise the medical class and patients about to possible treatments with differentiation factors studied by Dr. Biava. This document, called “POSITION PAPER”, presented at the National Conference organized by the Society of Medical Oncology (SIMO) held in Milan in June 2017, was approved by the oncologists of SIMO: this document states that the treatments proposed by Dr. Biava can enhance the traditional therapies of consolidated effectiveness implemented by oncologists, decreasing in the meantime the side effects. The conclusions of the oncologists are therefore the following:

  • The committee meeting to evaluate the scientific soundness of the researches described has confirmed the importance of this area of study and stimulates at university level the development of further research on both animal model and clinical level. There is also the possibility to develop supplements that, inspired by these researches, can provide physicians with a valid support to integrate most of the differentiating factors described in the literature.”